About Us

BARSA company is a big company made of expert employers in IT major. This company can support any services from all around the world and IRAN for customer satisfaction.

Services of BARSA company :


One of the most important tools for increasing one company speed is Server. it is sensitive to choose the best type of servers.

So this company by having the best and great specialists and experienced personnel is always ready to advise customers for best satisfaction.


One of the unavoidable needs of one organization is storage for saving all employees information (such as : files, programs, letters, images, and etc)

The company is offering best storage equipment and solutions and help customer to access best product so that all needs be covered.


Undoubtedly, today with increasing network options as the main way for communication at the local, regional and global to exchange information and share resources.

So BARSA company based on its technical knowledge and employees can have advice and having technical support